Is… is that a Borg cube?

This comic format– a lot of little scenes and jokes mushed into one comic– is something I think we’ll be seeing more of as long as all the characters are together. It can be tough fitting them all into the same comic, so handling it this way gives each one a chance to shine!

EDIT: Sorry if my last edit was a little ambiguous: what I’m trying to say is, I can’t keep up with the volume of comments coming into the site, and honestly don’t think that the comic page is the place to hold non-sequitur discussions. Please use the Legend of Maxx Subreddit until I can get a more permanent solution in place. I realize that not all of you use Reddit, and I would love to have a dedicated place for Legend of Maxx fans to meet. But, I can’t get something like that going right away, so I appreciate your understanding in the meantime. Thanks!