Now, on to some questions you might have:

What will happen to

For the time being, the website will stay up and running. I’ll likely be locking comments in the next few days to prevent abuse, but apart from this I plan on leaving everything as is. I’ll still check my email, so if you want to reach out to me you can do it there.

Will we ever find out what happens to Maxx and co?

My plan for now is to release a brief overview of where the story would have ended up for those interested. It might not be of interest to all of you, but since I know how much some people crave closure I’ll make a point of providing it.

What about your merchandise and Patreon?

Merchandise will remain available to purchase for now, as there’s no downside to leaving the store up. As for my Patreon, I think I’ll close it. I sincerely thank everyone who donated to it, but with the comic no longer updating, there’s no reason for it to exist, and even if any of you still wanted to donate I wouldn’t be comfortable taking your money for nothing. I’ll release one more round of rewards to patrons before I close it.

Can I make a Legend of Maxx fan comic / fan art / continue the story on my own?

My rules for creating fan content are the same as they’ve always been: as long as you give credit to me and Redigit, and don’t try to make money off of something that isn’t yours, you can do whatever you like! I won’t be posting new fan creations on the site any more, but I’ll definitely give you a retweet if you want to send things to me that way.

Is the comic really over forever or will you be back after a while?

I make a point of never saying never, but in this case I don’t want to leave you with any false hope: the chances of me creating any new LoM content in the future are very, very slim. I wouldn’t be making this decision if I didn’t wholly believe in it, and I don’t plan on reviving it any time in the future. I would need a very good reason to do that, and I doubt one will appear. It’s much more likely that I’ll start a different project that may retain some of the spirit of LoM.

What will you be working on now that the comic is over?

My main focus in the months to come will be the Tower series. The second book is finished, and will be released some time this spring. The third and final book will be my main project for now, and I hope to have it finished by summertime, to be released for winter or possibly spring of 2017. Twitter will be the best place to follow me for updates.

Thanks again, everyone. It’s been a wild ride and I hope to see you again some time in the future. Take care!