Joev14 is working on a Legend of Maxx voice-over project!

Check it out on YouTube!

Contact Joev at if you want to get involved!


CobraTheHedgehog made these two fan comics!

Cykrion made a giant portrait of Maxx in Minecraft!

He also made a drawing of Xylan the Naiad based on my desire to have a Borderlands-style splash screen for him!

dsmaster7173 created this Terraria mod that reskins the normal wooden hammer into the mighty Hammush! Installation instructions are included with the files.

He also made this Wind Waker / Legend of Maxx texture hack!

Ealonex created a short but awesome animation of Maxx killing a slime!

Elder Fungus is making LoM character gravatars! Here are a few examples. Email him at if you want one made for you! LoM characters only.

EpicCriddle took two screenshots of custom biomes featuring LoM characters!

EvilJim has made a couple pieces of awesome pixel art in Minecraft based on the comic:

He’s also made this Legend of Maxx Minecraft skin! (Download)

ExtremeSManpig made a Minecraft skin for Xane the Assassin! (Download)

He also made this poster advertising Aley’s brand of ale!

fluffyeevee made a perfect recreation of Maxxwell’s Bar and Possibly Grill (and environs) in-game!

And so did Fishingwolf! (Complete with a player character that looks oddly familiar…)

GernotTheClonkeror made these fan comics (and another one) based on Legend of Maxx!

Gogoat made this fan comic!

Gordon Ramsay made a massive statue of yours truly in Minecraft!

HumanGuy0001 made a great comic detailing Pinky’s background as an homage to Legend of Maxx!

Leo the Birb drew some animated pixel art of Cyril!

Loffy09 made a drawing of Aley the Fairy!

Luneria2 drew this piece of Legend of Maxx fanart!

Mantlair is working on Turkish translations of existing LoM strips!

He also drew this fanart of Sophia!

MegaMage created an awesome animated version of Comic #1 in celebration of our 500th comic!

MetaKnight956 constructed a mock-up of the hellboat from comic 473!

Rosenblack has created an awesome Terraria mod that adds various craftable items from the comic! It’s a WIP and she updates it occasionally, so check it out for recent additions!

She’s also made these wallpapers:

Silver made a Legend of Maxx-inspired t-shirt for the Terraria t-shirt design contest!

Solarknight drew Aley the Fairy in all of his/her bearded glory!

Tara Fennekin created this great fanart of Xane the Maniac!

Thanks to TheLastFlame for recovering some of the old blog posts from the Terraria Forums!

Tomispic101 made a Hammush item in Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U!  (To find it, head to Puncuation Plaza and look up ‘deadly deals’ in the shop search)

Uriak has drawn a couple of awesome portraits of Legend of Maxx characters:

who u finna try drew this awesome fanart of Cyril!

Xenokkah created a statue of June using her Dirt Rod in-game!

XMeteorite built an electronic billboard of me in-game!

YYYo made new, fancy versions of some Legend of Maxx sprites! And a bunch of other stuff too. Check it out!

Zwigs made almost the whole cast of LoM in Mega Anime Avatar! Here’s Aley. Browse the gallery to see the other portraits!