That’s right, folks! While the Legend of Maxx Pencil Case may not be an actual thing, Legend of Maxx t-shirts certainly are! I’ve been working on a few designs for a while now, and am now ready to release the first batch to the general public!

Head on over to Redbubble to check them out!

A couple things to keep in mind:Β first, each of the available designs can be purchased not only as a unisex t-shirt, but as fitted t-shirts as well as on a couple of other stuffs.Β Click on the design you’re interested in and scroll down to see your options!

The second is that since Redbubble is handling everything from the printing to the shipping, I’m not 100% sure of how they do business just yet. I would tremendously appreciate any feedback you can give me, whether about the quality of the merchandise or customer service, and if you have any problems which you can’t solve through Redbubble, I’ll be happy to step in and do my best to get things resolved.

I’ve never embarked on a venture like this before, so I appreciate all of your support and understanding as we move forward! This is an exciting moment in Legend of Maxx history, and I dream of the day where I’ll run into a fan wearing a shirt depicting Aley drinking the universe!


PS: If youΒ do get some bling and like it, send me a picture of it on my Twitter!