June, ladies and gentlemen: the least green Dryad ever. Figuratively, that is.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the argument that was going on in the comment section last comic, and a couple of people were asking me to deal with it, so I’ll address it here. Here’s the thing. Censorship of any sort is a last resort to me: I don’t want to get to the point where I’m banning users and combing through comments, since it discourages comments and wastes my time. In an ideal world, I’d like people to be constructive and civil to one another not because I made them, but because that’s the way the community is. Overall I’m super happy with how positive you guys are in the comments, so all I can ask is you keep that up! I won’t ban you for making the occasional offensive comment, but that doesn’t mean you should make any. Being on the Internet isn’t an excuse to be rude, whether you’re rebuking someone or not. So please, play nice and enjoy the site and your fellow community members! I think you’d agree that it’d be best for everyone if I didn’t have to start moderating comments.