Phew, another long one! You wouldn’t know this from the time this went up, but man that took forever. I enjoyed it, though– I feel like I’ve rarely gone so far in pushing the comic’s ‘artwork’. I mean, it still basically boils down to me using brushes and filters until it looks good, but up until recently I didn’t know how to do even that.

Non-Terraria players will be fine with this comic’s story, but people who’ve crafted the Night’s Edge before will notice the emergence (invention) of the Gossamer Sword. I spent some time thinking about how the Night’s Edge formula almost– but not quite– fit into my own lore, and decided that the best way to handle it was to introduce a new sword to play the role of the ‘Air’ weapon.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! That Xyvareth sure was a toolbag.