I was originally going to have Aley be all happy about being able to conjure chocolate syrup, but then I realized that to do that would be to miss out on an opportunity for greater ridiculousness! My path was clear.

Big news, people!

If you direct your eyes to the left sidebar, and scroll to the bottom of it, you will now see a shiny new donate button! That’s right, I actually did listen to you guys and set up a system where you can make PayPal donations, if you so desire! Donations will go toward paying for the site for now, and perhaps eventually would be reinvested into toys with which I can make more things for the Internet. Any donation would be appreciated, and if you can’t donate– hey, that’s all right too! I put this stuff out there for the fun of it, and for the reactions and feedback I get in return– money’s a secondary thing as hopefully it always will be.

In any case, hope you enjoy the comic and I’ll see you this weekend, if the oncoming mass of schoolwork hasn’t crushed me to death by then!