So as I’ve recently discovered, the comics I post here are actually too darn wide for Comicpress to handle, and they’re still not displaying at their native resolution. Apparently I make some really big comics. Something must be done!  It’s still easier to see things like Guide’s expression of horror than it used to be, at least 🙂

Stuff I forgot to mention before:

As connery0 pointed out, as a WordPress site this site is Gravatar-enabled, which means that if you’d like to change the image associated with your profile you should head on over to and create a profile there.  The nice thing about this is that it will give you a profile picture on any site that’s also running Gravatar.

Oh, and if you ever notice a problem with the site, or would like to shower me with praise/abuse/offers to buy a Russian wife*, I can be reached at  Cheers!


*Don’t actually do this.