This is not the first time Maxx has had trouble with directions. A true accomplishment in ignorance for someone living in a 2D world.


EDIT: Yes, I’m sorry, but I deleted the comments on this post and have disabled them. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but since I don’t currently have time to draw new comics, I also don’t have time to moderate the comment section, which as we found out doesn’t work for anyone. May I suggest the Legend of Maxx Forums? You can find them under Fan Stuff in the top menu. 

As to what I’m currently up to and why I abandoned you, two things: a) I’m very busy being very busy and b) I’m working hard to finish Tower, the series that I started writing almost 10 (!) years ago. I’m on the home stretch now, nearly 2/3rds through the third and final book, and want to keep my momentum so I can close the series in a timely manner. Right now there’s a huge weight on my shoulders with this, and once it’s gone, who knows? In the meantime, we thank you for your patience!