Well, folks – I left you hanging for a week, and now I’m back, with another comic and some news!

Firstly: no, it wasn’t a cruel joke, The Legend of Maxx has indeed returned! It’s been an incredibly busy year for me, but I’ve reached a place where I’d like to experiment with easing the comic back into my life. This means, at least for now, that I’m not going to impose a schedule on comic updates or make a commitment to keep the comic running forever – I’m just going to aim to release new strips reasonably often and see how things work out. Between my job and the other projects I have on the go, I’m certainly going to be busy, but I’m going to try and strike a balance between all of my commitments.

Speaking of which, I have a website now! Head on over to jessemcminn.com for updates on everything that I’m currently working on, including the occasional blog post on enthusiast.gg and updates to my Wattpad story, Black Wind (contains adult content). Trials, the second entry in the Tower series, is also on its way.

That’s pretty much it for now! I’m glad to be back and excited to see how in the heck those two ended up in this situation.


Edit: Oops, had some difficulty with a duplicated image. Apparently I’m a little rusty.