Well, that took forever to make.

We’ve seen Poa’s knack for keeping track of June’s heroes’ deaths before. In unrelated news, remember when I was terrible at making comics?

Last Maple and Poa strip was mostly superhero discussion, so here’s a sprinkling of jokes, philosophy, random thoughts, and gossip. I pretty much let my train of thought ramble from one thing to the next, so hopefully the conversation has a natural feel to it. It might not be screamingly funny, but I hope you can still enjoy Maple and Poa being bored together!

See you for comic 500!


Edit: Yep, Maple is a girl. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s confusion, since it’s kind of hard to tell with those tiny sprites– but since I’ve always known that Maple was female, I didn’t really think about the fact that some people might think otherwise. Figured I might as well chime in and put an end to the mystery!