Not much to say about this one.

Just a heads-up that the comic schedule might get a little hairy around the weekend as I’ll be road-tripping it back to Ontario. Once home, I’ll be a) livin’ it up for the holidays and b) be in an area with poor Internet connection, so again the schedule might get wonky– but I’ll try to keep it as consistent as possible.

On the plus side, I’ve now finished my second book– just in time for my self-imposed due date– so I’ll no longer be dedicating serious time to that! It still needs to be edited, but that should give me a little room to breathe in the weeks to come.

There will be another comic on Friday! Which, incidentally, is the day thatΒ Super Smash Bros for Wii UΒ comes out!! I promise that I will get the comic done before picking up my copy.