Here’s an epilogue, with two more costumes to guess!

And that concludes the Blood Moon Halloween special! I hope you enjoyed it!

Honestly, I think most such games end up just as badly if not worse than what we got here. At least it ended gracefully. Right?

I should note that Sophia and Gus’ costumes were guessed correctly after last comic! Sophia is Louise Belcher (read: best Belcher) from Bob’s Burgers, and Gus is Dobby from Harry Potter. I have a feeling Gus was coerced into his costume, by the way.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


EDIT: The last costumes have been guessed! Aley is Cupil from Skies of Arcadia, the Merchant is Marcus Kincaid from Borderlands, and the Demolitionist is Cid from Final Fantasy IV!