Halloween comic time! This year, I decided to do something a little more ambitious than the usual group-photo-next-to-a-giant-pumpkin shindig. I hope you enjoy!

As you can see, the tale clearly isn’t over, which means there will be at least one more part to the Blood Moon saga. Where will the story end up? That’s for our characters to decide! (read: nowhere good)

Each year, I look forward to dressing up my characters way more than I really should. As for the costumes, the full cast hasn’t been revealed yet, but let the guessing begin! I think I went easy on you guys this year in terms of costume choices, so really, this is mostly a test to see how well I represented each character.


PS: The costumes have been guessed! Props to TheConfuZzledDude, the first commenter, who immediately guessed three of the four costumes correctly– and to all the rest of you who nailed your guesses! Maxx is the Kid from Bastion, Hannah is Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, June is Lana Kane (NOT Lara Croft, though I can understand the confusion) from Archer, and finally, Cyril is indeed Brief from Panty + Stocking with Garterbelt. Nice work, everyone!

PPS: Don’t look up Archer or PSG if you’re underage. Especially PSG. I can’t be held responsible for what will happen if you do.