Well that didn’t go very well… up until the point where it did, that is. Seems like Cyril will be the one to save the day for once! It certainly needed saving.

While the trope can be overused sometimes, I enjoy having the heroes get beaten up every once in a while, even by someone who’s not the main villain. It shows that their plot armor isn’t completely impervious… and the honest truth is that plot armor is often way, way too strong.

I can’t believe that The Legend of Maxx is now over two years old and 400 comics long!! Looking back, I can’t believe everything that’s come of me dabbling around in Paint and posting (honestly pretty terrible) comics on the Terraria Online forums. Hundreds of comics, a video series and some other awesome fan content, an item in Terraria, a wiki, subreddit, and TvTropes entry… and of course a dedicated and awesome following! As always, I mean it when I say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who supported the comic through creating the content I mentioned above, or just visiting the site and dropping a comment every now and then. You’ve made The Legend of Maxx what it is!

Thanks again, everyone, and please– spread the word if you know someone who might like the comic! The more the merrier, and the more fans the comic has, the farther I’ll be able to push it!

See you Friday!