I feel like I’ve gotten further and further away from Terraria with recent comics, but every once in a while a comic comes out that means a lot more to the Terraria fan than someone who’s not familiar with the game. I don’t know if I have any such fans, but if so: sorry that this comic will leave you with more questions than answers! Though to be fair, if the Terraria fan thinks they know what’s coming after this comic, they’ve got another thing coming…

Anyway, sleep-deprived Jesse doesn’t feel like writing anything else, so enjoy and see you Wednesday!


PS: Oh, I forgot: the latest episode of the Legend of Maxx Video series came out like forever ago and I forgot to post it because of the missed comic. Check it out!

PPS: My class schedule for the month of May is pretty gnarly, so I may have to adjust the comic schedule just for this month. This week will be a test run to see how it goes.