Worst ceremony ever. Though to be fair, historians seem to know as little about what a real viking wedding would be like as I (and thus our deacon here) do. As annoying as it would be to have that deacon at a real wedding, I kind of like him already.

Sorry for the lateness of this comic, and for my relative silence during the past little while; school and all that. I’ll likely remain as quiet as I have been for the next couple of weeks as the semester winds to a close.

Two cool bits of news before I bow out for the night! First of all, the second part of Joev’s video project has been released! You can check it out here! They’ve put some hard work into the series and it’s coming along nicely. I laughed way harder than I should have when Aley’s voice cut in.

Secondly, to those of you who live in the Great White North, I am going to be holding a book signing for Loria in my hometown of Uxbridge, Ontario on the 26th of April! You should come down! You’ll be able to meet me, get me to sign your copy of Loria (or buy one), and marvel at how much I look like my Terraria counterpart! Not really. You can read more about it on Loria’s page here on the site!

Thanks everyone for your support of both Loria and The Legend of Maxx! See you Wednesday!