I really enjoy writing Cyril. Guy can be pretty vicious when provoked! I guess everyone has their hidden qualities.

For some reason, it was ridiculously hard to pin down the script for this comic. I basically spent all day switching between Mass Effect and a blank word document hoping desperately for inspiration to come. It’s a little late, but I got it out!

Time for a voting update! We are currently ranked number thirty-dang-six with one week of voting to go! I can’t believe  how high we’ve climbed, and I think that our goal of beating xkcd is well within reach (less than 150 votes to go). If everyone who read this voted… well, I’m not exactly sure what would happen, but we’d have a lot of votes. Thanks to everyone who’s already voted, and to those of you that continue to support the comic in other ways! It’s pretty rewarding to see just how large and active the LoM community has become 🙂 I couldn’t be happier!