Last comic of January! As celebration: here, have an action comic!

Writing a script in terms of choreography rather than dialogue is always a strange experience. Though making this scene wasn’t quite as ridiculous as, say, the wasp battle scene with June and Maxx, it is the most intricate I’ve gotten with Maxx’s swordfighting. Dude has some serious moves. I think the overall flow works pretty well, though I’ve got some things to learn still.

Also, some of you might find it strange that I depict Cyril using magic that I never showed Flower teaching him. Here’s the thing: I don’t want to set a precedent where I have to explicitly show Cyril learning every spell in his bag of tricks, because having a ‘Cyril learns a spell’ comic every five comics would soon get very tiring for everyone involved. So… he learned it off-screen, ok?