Uh oh.


EDIT: After waiting for a while to see if it would die down, I’ve decided to stop ignoring the First-ing and Hoopla-ing, and say: please cut it out. You may not realize it, but Iย do read every single comment that comes into the site, and seeing the same comments dozens of times has gotten a little tiring. I like to encourage participation, but when the comment feed is clogged with meaningless comments it becomes hard to have a positive outlook on the comic in general. A comic like this one runs on feedback– if it weren’t for you followers I wouldn’t be here– so a lack of meaningful feedback hits me pretty hard as the comic’s creator. I want to hear what you think and what you have to say, soย please don’t just reiterate old jokes. Sorry for the rant, but I wanted you to know where I was coming from.