Happy Halloween everyone!! May you have fun with friends and eat candy until you feel profoundly ill!!

This comic was a trial, but to be completely honest I’m really happy with how it turned out. A couple of tricky costumes fell into place rather well, and I managed to get it all done in time for Halloween night! I hope you enjoyed it!

Last year had Hannah as Susan Sto Helit, which was promptly guessed, so this year I’ve ramped it up and have given you some pretty tough costumes to guess! Though I’ve also sprinkled a few hints around, so with some guessing and some Googling I think you’ll be able to get them all! Here, I’ll give you one for free: the flower was dressed as Danny DeVito.


Have a safe and fun night, everyone!


UPDATE: I’ll list the guessed costumes here for simplicity’s sake. Maxx is a catgirl (I’ll give you guys that one, since you were guessing specific catgirls), Aley is Tinkerbell, the Merchant is Mr. Krabs, Cyril is Cyrano de Bergerac, and the Demo is a wild haggis (I seriously can’t believe you got that one). Hannah is Gwynevere. June is the only one left now!

UPDATE 2: Since June has stumped people so far, I’ll start giving out hints:

-She’s a character from a video game.

-The game is quite rare, but is considered a cult classic.

-Oft-mocked and now-defunct company THQ published it for the N64!

-Also, the answer is hidden in Comic 322 🙂

UPDATE 3: Congratulations to Scharling for correctly guessing Brenna, from Aidyn Chronicles! Thanks all for your participation! I already can’t wait for next year’s guessing game!