Also how Cyril is standing on his own grave. That’s got to cause some very, very strange spinal shivers.

Hopefully the comic schedule can get back to some sort of normal now! Sorry it’s been messed up lately, but I recently got home from two successive vacations and am now starting a new job. I still enjoy making the comic and I want to continue with it, but you’ll have to bear with me if I have to do something like change the schedule in the future. The comic’s fun, but it’s also very time-consuming and a hobby, so when my personal life gets shuffled around the comic often takes the hit. Maybe I’ll have to look into some way to make it pay for itself in the future…

In fact, could I ask you guys a little favor? I’ve been meaning to do this as a sort of social experiment for a while now. Could you all click that ad on the right side of the screen? You may not realize this, but every click translates into a visible spike in my revenue, mostly because clicks are so rare compared to views. I want to do this partially because I like money, and partially because I’m curious to see how many people will do it. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, don’t worry about clicking the ad if it’s one of those really skeezy ones with the MALE GAMERS ONLY and junk like that. I’d happily do the comic for nothing forever if it meant the end of that crap.

EDIT 2: As UltimaRCR pointed out, it’s actually against Google’s policies to encourage ad clicks or views. So I’d like to a) thank everyone for participating, you guys are seriously the best, and b) say that the experiment by necessity is over PLEASE GOOGLE DON’T CRUSH ME UNDER YOUR GIANT MULTICOLOURED FOOT