I guess you could say that Cyril’s been… possessed by a flower!?!? Yeah, there’s no pun in there, you can stop looking. It’s late and I have exams or something.

I feel like I’m still trying to figure out what the proper farce-to-actual-meaningful-interaction-between-characters ratio is for the comic. If I were to follow exactly in the footsteps of the sprite comics which came before me (i.e. 8-Bit Theater), I’d tend much more towards the farce side of things and make sure that the characters only interact by insulting and/or doing violence upon one another– but somehow I don’t think that’d jive too well with my particular way of doing things. I don’t think I could (or would want to) write a story where the characters and plot go no where… so hopefully I’ll be able to strike a balance between good jokes and good storytelling!

So, in short, why am I writing about this. I should be studying.