The beginning of this comic is a little abrupt, since I actually scripted this one and the last one as a single comic (yeah, you can see why I split them up), but my hope is that the flow will be a little better if you’re reading all the comics in order.

So yeah! Drawing this reminded me of the old comic where Aley blew up the Eye of Cthulhu… things sure have changed, huh? I like to think that I’ve gotten better at making these… still, there are improvements to be made! Perhaps one of these days I’ll take a comic off to do some refurbishing. Until then, I feel pretty good about things in general!

Hmm… that got a little rambly, apologies. It’s sweltering hot in here right now, so maybe I’m experiencing the preliminary stages of heat stroke.

Oh! And a huge thanks to everyone (not sure if there’s more than one of you) who worked on the Legend of Maxx TvTropes entry! It’s looking pretty good so far!


PS: There’s a ridiculously subtle joke hidden in this comic that I’m actually quite sure no one will find…